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WHAT IS SCOOP? Small Business Opportunities in San Diego

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What is SCOOP?
The San Diego County Water Authority’s Small Contractor Outreach and Opportunities Program (SCOOP) is designed to maximize participation of diverse qualified small contractors, consultants and vendors seeking to do business with the San Diego County Water Authority.

Frequently Asked Questions
How can SCOOP benefit my business?
SCOOP firms are notified of upcoming contract opportunities
Prime contractors conduct outreach to SCOOP firms as part of their good faith effort to subcontract or joint venture on Water Authority projects
SCOOP firms receive information on county-wide outreach events

What are SCOOP firms?
SCOOP firms are defined as follows:

1) Firms that have been certified as small businesses by the Small Business Administration (SBA), Department of General Services (DGS), Caltrans, or any other public agency using the size standards specified in 13 CFR 121;

2) Small businesses that have submitted an application to The Network.

What is the Network?
The Network is the Water Authority’s collaborative, online vendor registration, solicitation, and notification system. Registration is for both small and large businesses. The system is FREE of charge. To register, visit:

How can I become a SCOOP firm?
To be recognized as a SCOOP firm, complete the small business certification portion of The Network registration form. Upon approval, a certification letter will be emailed to you.
The Network small business certification is recognized by the Water Authority’s SCOOP and all other public agencies currently participating on The Network.

How do I find SCOOP firms?
When subcontracting opportunities are available, the Water Authority requires that prime bidders/proposers conduct outreach to small businesses.
Firms registered with The Network can generate lists of industry-specific SCOOP firms using the “Search the Small Business Database” feature. For technical assistance, please contact The Network support line at 1-800-677-1997, ext. 214.

How do I find other small businesses?
In addition to the Network, the Water Authority’s collaborative online vendor registration system, there are several resources available to find small businesses. Your firm can outreach to small businesses using the media list, community-based organizations, and small business registries listed below:

Media List

Community Based Organizations
State of California Department of General Services SBE Database (DGS)
California Unified Certification Program
U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Central Contractor Registration (CCR)\

Am I required to work with a small business or SCOOP firm?

No. However, if specified in the solicitation document that a good faith effort is required, each prime bidder/proposer must conduct outreach.

If I am a small business bidding as a prime contractor or prime consultant, am I required to conduct good faith outreach efforts?

Yes. Regardless of whether your business is considered small or not, the Water Authority requires that all businesses seeking to bid as prime contractors or prime consultants conduct good faith outreach efforts.

Are there goals for SCOOP? What are they?

Yes, there is an overall SCOOP goal of 20 percent. However, there are no specific goals on individual solicitation. Instead, businesses seeking to bid as prime contractors or consultants conduct good faith outreach to reach small businesses interested in subcontract opportunities.

Residential Custom Homes

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We provide San Diego Home builders with plumbing from layout to complete finish on new residential homes.

If you are interested in receiving a bid for your upcoming San Diego Custom Build Home please contact us at 858-736-4028 or at

Stay tuned for photos of our latest project at the Crosby Estates, Rancho Santa Fe.


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Nexus Plumbing will now perform all video camera inspections in house.
Clients will receive a recorded copy of their video inspection.

You may benefit from a video inspection if your property have the following:

Recurring Back Ups
Sewer Odor
Cracked sewer lateral
Bellied drain line
Separated lateral joint
Debris blockage
Root intrusion
Leaking pipe joints
Deteriorated piping materials

Video Camera Inspection

You can call us for immediate assistance at (858)736-4028 or email us for same day response