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Survival Tips For Business Owners

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the July 12th, 2010

Here are some tips for both small and big business trying to survive this economy.

Cut Costs
… Take a hard look at your companies spending to find ways to eliminate some needless expenses. Shop cell phone carriers, talk to someone about alternative health care options like a PPO or health savings account, online payroll service, barter your services with your vendors, go paperless..send invoices via email and save the trees and money. There maybe some tasks you can take on your self and consolidate. Keep your overhead low and avoid going into debt.

Hit the Streets..if you are reading this than you more then likley communicate electronically 90% of the time. Although it sufficient it does not help in building personal, professional relationships. People want to hear your voice, see your face, shake your hand and personalize the experience. Pick up the phone. Go visit your clients and network. Remember that most business is built on personal relationships, not only your product or service.

Trust…the fact you do a good job is important. You also have to make sure you are on time, communicate properly and honor your commitments. Warranty your work and if something is wrong down the line fix it no questions asked. Clients love to know that you will take care of them and this helps when your bids higher then your competitors.

Can Contractors Survive In This Economy?

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Well. I’d like to think so.
In this economic climate we are faced with many difficulties staying in business..nevermind growing it.
Whether you are a new firm or a well established business, each endure hardships.

Well established firms may have a steady client base, large credit lines and good reputation but everyone is cutting costs. That means there bids need to be tighter, the work needs to get done faster and the material needs to be cheaper. If you have the luxury and burden of fixed monthly costs for leased space, large equipment, trucks, legal counsel, employer costs it can be very difficult to compete. At the same time costs are rising, employees need to be paid more to cope with inflation and clients are not willing to pay what they used to.

You would think a new establishment would struggle to find business and although this can be difficult I find the hardest part of starting a new business is obtaining working capital. There is just no money being invested in small business right now. So even if you land a large job how are you supposed to pay for material, salary and overhead without being paid for work you have not even started?

Check back Monday for tips to surviving this economy!

Tip Of The Day

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How to Choose A Plumbing Contractor – 2

Plumbing contractors do exactly what it sounds like they should: oversee the entire process of remodeling, installation and repair so you don’t have to. Whether that means you can find them under the sink yourself or they have subcontracted the work to colleagues in the field, you should be able to trust that the craftsmanship represents their very best effort. Also included in any deal is shared liability, insurance and other details to protect your financial security.

Most plumbing contractors tend to focus on one kind of job or another, meaning they devote the bulk of their attention to corporate or individual clients exclusively. If you’re like most homeowners, you may find considerable comfort in working with someone whose range of experience includes many types of structures. With that said, a talented plumbing contractor can usually get the job done without necessarily drawing on prior projects.

Tip of the Day

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How to Choose a Plumbing Contractor – 1

The quickest way to choose a plumbing contractor begins with knowing exactly what you want out of that project. Adding a second sink is hardly as demanding as installing a pool and hot tub, so you want to be careful of overpaying for tasks that may be menial in nature. Plan something ambitious, however, and you’ll want to stick with a truly professional outfit that has earned the respect of your community over many years.

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