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Early Plumbing

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the July 13th, 2010

Okay, so I grew up in a greek family with Grandparents who did boast ” it was invented by the Greeks , In fact our family life was pretty similar to that in the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

But I came upon this article when I was doing some research and not only does it prove yet again the Greeks were ahead of there time it also has some interesting ideas on early plumbing systems I find intriguing.

“People tend to believe that the advances in technology we have today have been discovered recently and that is not quite true with most facts out there. Talking strictly about plumbing, one example that was laid out in history stands in the Greek plumbing system, which is much more similar to what we have in our homes today then you would have imagined. Also, the Greek were very strict on hygiene and most houses in ancient Greece were equipped with latrines or closets that were built so that they would drain in a sewer located beneath the street. Flush was performed with the use of waste water and some sewers were even equipped with ventilation shafts.

The water supply lines were protected in order to prevent severance by a possible enemy attacks and this was done by laying aqueducts underground at a considerable depth. Deeper lines connected with the surface with the use of huge wells. A very good example of craftsmanship in plumbing was the city of Athens. It relied on many aqueducts in order to bring water from the mountains. Due to the size of the city, the inhabitants needed deep wells that were very difficult to dig through layers of rock. Needless to say that they also had to be secured and the water supplies were moved towards storage cisterns. These structures gave water to many street fountains. What is special is the fact that some of them are still being utilized today. Water porters carried water supplies to homes.”

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